Aidan Baker – Closure Axioms (2021 Remastered Edition) MC

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Aidan Baker – Closure Axioms (2021 Remastered Edition) MC


Exactly 10 years after the original release, Aidan Baker’s “Closure Axioms” receives a brand-new and refreshed treatment on all possible levels. All tracks have been remastered and artwork reworked by Aidan himself, while the physical format got a whole new approach by adapting a totally sustainable, no-plastic, zero-waste & on-demand packaging, exclusively implemented by the label.

Aidan Baker is a classically trained Canadian multi-instrumentalist currently based in Berlin. Recognized for both his solo work as well as doom / drone duo Nadja, he has already released a great number of records, also in collaboration with other musicians from all over the world (his projects include ARC, Infinite Light Ltd., Whisper Room, Adoran).


1. Preclosure Operator I
2. Interior Operator
3. Preclosure Operator II
4. Closure Operator I
5. Open Set
6. Idempotence
7. Closure Axiom
8. Open Set II
9. Closure Operator

Weight 100 g



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