Aidan Baker – Closure Axioms

2021 remastered edition

available as CD and MC.


Mission Statement

The Miskatonic SoundLab is a new breed of an indepdendent record label. All our releases are made using eco-friendly packaging and utilizing our state-of-the-art technology of on-demand printing.

A truly sustainable record label means that we do not produce more than is needed. We do not waste neither materials nor utilities to produce unnecessary stock, which then also wastes energy and space to be stored. Thanks to the in-house on-demand technology we developed ourselves, we produce a physical unit as soon as an order is placed. We can manufacture just one or dozens of them – depending on how many are exactly needed.

Our packaging formats for both compact discs and audio cassettes use no plastic parts. Instead, all elements are printed on FSC-certified heavy card stock and hand-assembled with the utmost care. Rather than utilizing shrink-wrap, our products are housed in recycled paper.

The custom merch items we release are made out of 100% organic / fair-trade cotton and recycled polyester. Printed using water-based inks in a full on-demand method.

As a fan buying one of our releases, you know that the one you receive was made specifically for you.